Accomplished Projects

Accomplished Projects / 2013 02 16 Research of Narrow Length Pattern Elements Forming Laser

Precizik Metrology" successfully completed the project "Research of Narrow Lenght Raster Elements Forming Laser" No. VP2-1.3-ŪM-05-K-01-022, which was partially financed by EU European Regional Development Funds according to the Economic growth action programme - "Inočekiai LT."

Scientific research was conducted during the project and a new technology was created, which allows laser shaving narrow long raster elements with sharp precise edges along side raster scales. Additional optical longitudinal raster-forming system was developed and integrated into an operating unit, also, developed examples of scales according to the most important client requirements.

The main goal was achieved - meeting the rising demands of our clients, who are making a new generation of informative measurement equipment, and this way strengthen the possition in the industry, as well as to create conditions for it to expand.

Physics and technology science center gave major assistance by promptly and competently performing laser technology research and helped to achieve the goal using the most optimal way.