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All News / 2010 11 30 Establishment of Coded Metal Scale Laser Technology Research

UAB Precizika Metrology completed the project "Establishment of Coded Metal Scale Laser Technology Research" No. VP2-1.3-moe-05-K-02-004, which received partial support from European Regional Development Fund under the Economic Growth Action Program - Inočekiai LT.

The importance of this research is that it proved the possibility to form precise raster elements on the metal strip using laser method. This is a very promising technology in terms of technological, economical and environmental aspects, as it eliminates the need for photolithographic process.

The work is continuing intensively. The aim is to develop an industrial technology, which will create preconditions to expand the nomenclature of scales, will ensure a comprehensive supply of different structured scales to customers and will allow to more easily satisfy their needs.

Physical Sciences and Technology Center provided significant support, as they performed the required laser technology research and helped to achieve our goal.