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Press Releases / 2020 10 29 Linear Encoders for Machine Tools


Precizika Metrology manufactured linear encoders are a great fit for various machine tools. Milling, boring, drilling, cutting and other CNC machines usually require higher accuracy for linear displacement measurement so the best options are L18, L35, L35T or L37 series of encoders, as they provide ± 3μm accuracy to any meter within the measuring length. Depening on the model, measuring length ranges from 70 mm to 3240 mm.

For manually controlled latthes, turning machines and centers we suggest the same models as mentioned above but also a less acurrate series L50 that provides ± 10 μm/m accuracy, as usually manually contolled machine tools do not require the same amount of high accuracy as CNC machines. L50 model can have up to 30 meters of measuring length and 40  μm grating period.

We have a total of 11 series` of linear encoders and compatibility greatly depends on the specific model of application, so we encourage customers to provide spcifications and particular application models so our R&D could find the best solution.

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