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All News / 2020 08 12 Encoders for Servo Motors

Servo motor applications use different incremental or absolute rotary encoders. Based on our experience, small sizes and high rotation speeds are often required. Depending on the application, modular, bearing free rotary encoders are sometimes needed as well. Our product range offers a variety of options compatible with servo motor applications:

-          A24HME1 – small, 24 mm diameter incremental rotary encoder that can have a 2-6 mm diameter hollow shaft and produces up to 250.000 output pulses per shaft revolution at up to 10.000 rpm.

-          A42M and A75M bearing free modular encoders that provide up to 25.000 output pulses per revolution. The absence of bearings and lubricants makes the encoder suitable for use in vacuum environment or situations when zero starting torque is required.

-          AK58HE1 – absolute rotary encoder that comes in blind and through hollow shaft mechanical options. It has up to 40 bit multiturn resolution with SSI interface or up to 24 bit resolution using BiSS C output.

These are just some of the most common options that we offer for servo motors. However, there have been requests for other models, so it depends on the requirements of the customer. Also, we offer custom adjustments to our standard product range and our in-house R&D department is always up for new projects.

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