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Product News / 2020 07 21 Encoders for Rotary Tables

Rotary table industry relies heavily on precision and accurate motion, so it most often requires high end angle encoders that are very accurate and produce a high number of output pulses per revolution.

Precizika Metrology angle encoder product range consists of 6 different encoders series` that vary in mechanical dimensions, shaft type and other characteristics. Currently, there are 2 solid shaft encoders and 4 hollow shaft with integrated stator coupling series` of encoders. They can reach up to 3.600.000 output pulses per revolution and have the accuracy of up to ±2 µm. Depending on the requirements of the rotary table application, encoders range from 90 to 200 mm in outside diameter. The standard models usually fit for most rotary table applications, but in case any additional adjustments or customization is required our R&D department is always open for custom projects.



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