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Product News / 2020 05 21 Encoders for Robotics

Precizika Metrology encoders are widely used in Robotics applications. Throughout the years, we have received numerous inquiries for almost every different encoder model in our product range to be used in some kind of robotics application. In general, rotary encoders with higher rotational speeds are more common and high accuracy angle encoders are needed less frequently.

At the moment, our rotary encoder product range consists of 18 models. 36 mm and 58 mm diameter absolute encoders like AK36 and AK58 are among the most demanded for robot applications because of their size, different available mounting options and high resolution. However, there are so many different robot applications with specific requirements that sometimes there are no standard options to offer and our R&D provides custom encoder adjustments to fit customer needs.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or ideas for a project, we are always open for new challenges.

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