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All News / 2020 05 05 Encoders for Radars and Telescopes

Precizika Metrology has over 20 series`of enoders in the product range that are used in a variety of different applications based on their characteristics. One of the applications that we frequently provide solutions for is the radar/telescope industry. Because we have many different options, depending on the specific application in question, a few different models of our encoders can be used. However, radar and telescope industries demand high precision for satellite and star tracking, therefore precision encoders with high level of accuracy are mostly used. Currently, we have 6 series` of angle encoders that best fit these requirements: A90H, A110, A110H, A170, A170H and the most sophisticated model A200H. They range from 5 um to 2 um accuracy, can have up to 36.000 number of lines on disc and are available in solid and hollow shaft varieties.

Even though angle encoders are most typical for these applications, even our smaller diameter rotary encoders like AK36 or AK58 are designed with accuracy in mind and achieve up to 50 arc.sec accuracy so we find that they are also a viable option for many and it depends on the specific application and client requirements. Most of the time, our engineers suggest the best option based on the needs of our client. Because we have an in-house R&D department, our specialists can even provide some on the fly mechanical adjustments to the standard encoder model to tailor it to specific applications, so custom solutions always remain an option if none of the standard offerings fit the requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or ideas for a project, we are always open for new challenges.
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