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All News / 2020 04 02 Swift-Fix Fixturing System for your CMM or Portable Arm


Swift Fix
Metrology Fixturing & Part Holding Solutions

Swift-Fix allows for unlimited fixture configurations so that operators can add a measurement feature or alter a fixture configuration in a few moves. 

Rapid Set-up
Operators simply screw the components into the base plate without any need for tools and can build fixtures for several parts on a single base plate.

Alphanumerical labelling on the base plates makes it easy to record a fixture and quickly set it up again when needed.

Swift-Fix offers a variety of holders and standoffs to minimise contact between the fixture and the part and maximise its accessibility from all sides.


Precizika Metrology is an official Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence distributor of coordinate measuring machines, measuring tools and software in Baltic states. 

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