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All News / 2019 05 09 PC-DMIS 2019 R1

We are happy to present you the latest most advanced metrological software to date!

NEW: GD&T Selection from Capture – Copy and Paste Your Part Prints
We recognise that not all your CAD files have embedded GD&T data and that manually importing that information can be a slow, error-prone and frustrating process. This new feature uses advanced OCR technology to make this a painless experience.

All you need is a scanned 2D blueprint and PC-DMIS will use OCR to read the GD&T data and import it directly to your measurement routine with a few clicks. This not only speeds up the creation process but reduces data input error and allows for more informed reporting and therefore insightful decision making.

NEW: Protect – Peace of Mind Though Measurement Routine Protection, Control and Traceability
Measurement routines are valuable data files; and it is important that any changes are controlled and tracked in order to ensure repeatable reliable metrology operations and therefore consistently high quality products. This is important in all processes, and in some industries – such as medical, food and aerospace – the need for tight process control and accreditation is paramount.

Protect is a cost option feature for PC-DMIS that means once a measurement routine is approved, the file is ‘certified’. Once it is certified, only specific PC-DMIS account holders can make changes, and any changes are recorded, logged and can be traced back to a user and time for any future audit.

This added level of control and protection can help manufactures work towards process compliance, and may support customers in their accreditations or certifications according to specific standards such as:

  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration CFR 21 Part 11)
  • ISO 13845 for medical and health sector
  • IATF 16949 (Clause 8.5.2 Identification and Traceability) for automotive industry
  • Specific Federal Aviation Administration traceability requirements for aeronautics or any other specific traceability requirements

NEW: Excel Form Report – Total Reporting Flexibility
Sometimes one size doesn’t fit all; and you need the flexibility to create different reports for different departments or management functions. This new feature allows incredible flexibility to define the structure and layout of the Excel report and PC-DMIS will populate it automatically. It comes with some examples including the AS 9102 form and allows multiple worksheets in one form.

NEW: Universal Updater – Update, Discover, Learn
Discovering new software and ensuring your existing software suite is maintained with the latest updates can sometimes be time consuming and distracting. The new Universal Updater is a simple yet powerful tool that sits unobtrusively in your PC taskbar where you can quickly see any new module updates, read the release notes and chose to install. You can even discover the other software modules and suites that Hexagon has to offer, that you may not be aware of; direct from your desktop.

We also put product support at your fingertips. Universal Updater has direct links straight through to a wealth of product information and tips on how to use the products. Access the knowledgebase directly, or contact our technical support. If you want to talk to a fellow Hexagon customer, you are only a click away from the market’s largest and most comprehensive user forum. If you have an idea for how we can improve PC-DMIS, there is a direct link to the Idea Center, add your thoughts and vote on what you want added to the next version.

IMPROVED: Calibration Collision Avoidance
No matter how often you calibrate your metrology machines, the process takes a while and is not productive. You want the confidence that you can start the calibration process and leave it to complete whilst you get on with your job elsewhere. New algorithms within PC-DMIS have improved the robustness and sophistication of the calibration process, minimising chances of collisions.

And Over 40 Other New Features and Improvements Including…
Thickness Scan, Constructed Datums, Responsive HTML Help, Template Matching, Auto Insert Safe Moves, Switchable Portable Interface, Size Dimension, Thickness Gage.

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