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All News / 2018 04 27 Efficiency in Tube and Wire bending process

AICON TubeInspect is a modern solution for Tubes and Wire bending process.

Changeable bending radii, different part diameter are not a problem any longer. AICON TubeInspect helps you measure geometry of the part within a few seconds and send correction data to a bending machine or control production process.

AICON TubeInspect could be refered to as an optical gauge because its main task is replacing the standard mechanical gauge. Construction of the device enables the user to measure in production environment. It is possible to measure a part that is up to 7.5 meters long!

By means of cameras mounted on the top of the device, three dimensional cylindrical model is created. After comparison to nominal data, it is easy to calculate values of the corrections. Measuring time is about 10 seconds. Within this time, tailored software AICON BendingStudio, is able to measure the part and calculate corrections which can be sent to bending machine by means of TCP/IP protocol.

By means of AICON BendingStudio software we can inspect stiff and elastic elements. Those workpieces can be with free form or different diameters. Color or shiny surface has no influence on measurements and there is no need to powder the part before them.

AICON TubeInspect enables the user to sufficiently decrease the number of scrap, because you can achieve the desired part after the first correction loop. Additionally, you can eliminate the number of classic mechanical gauges and there is a possibility to get hard copy of results and the inspection report.


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