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All News / 2017 02 20 Why Precizika Metrology targets the Japanese market?

Precizika Metrology is a high quality encoder and glass gratings manufacturer from Lithuania, Northern Europe. We believe that our company is a great fit for Japanese industry for a variety of different reasons. First of all, we have over 50 years of experience working in the industry. During these years, we have worked hard on widening our technological know-how and improving the quality of the products we produce. High quality standards have always been our number one priority, as we put extra effort to manufacture reliable products that our customers expect and deserve.  We take advantage of unique glass production technology that we have created and made incremental updates along the way to adapt the equipment to our needs. Because of the synergy between experienced workers and fresh university graduates working at the firm, we are able to harness this knowledge and make innovations that allow us to stay on the frontlines of industry advancements. Also, at the moment, Precizika Metrology is finishing integration of Lean manufacturing  system, which is a management philosophy derived mostly from the Toyota Production System. We have improved our process control and eliminated hundreds of hours of inefficient work from our production.  We believe that this focus on quality and constant improvement is shared within the Japanese market and would prove beneficial to mutual understanding. Our company has over 30 partners worldwide ranging from USA to China, South Korea just to name a few, and we think that Precizika Metrology is able and ready to expand the network and put more focus on the Japanese market and earn its name one case at a time.