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Product News / 2017 04 27 TESA MICRO-HITE

The TESA MICRO-HITE range integrates the  patented QUICKCENTER technology that  provides the expertise to enable you to  concentrate on your core business. Metrology becomes easy and a quick reliable   measurement is guaranteed to boost your  productivity.






Faster thanks to the QUICKCENTER technology
The QUICKCENTER technology has been specially integrated in order to clarify the information received during the measurement. It is mainly used to determine efficiently the culmination points (minimum, maximum, diameter). No more endless measurements or hazardous results. With the QUICKCENTER technology, measuring bores/shafts becomes child’s play.

A refined backlit keyboard
With a simplified panel containing a number of keys reduced to the strictly necessary, the handling is easy, fast and does not leave room for confusion.  The keyboard contains a backlight to improve the reading comfort at low-light areas in workshops.

Hybrid panel
Each user has the possibility to choose between a 100% touch-use, via the control keyboard, or mixed. This makes the hybrid nature of this panel easy to use when navigating in the various menus as well as while managing measurement actions.

Ergonomics up to the fingertips
Comfort is definitely an important criterion for a regular daily use of an instrument.

Intelligent handwheel
Thanks to the FEEL&MOVE technology, the handling during a measurement with a lot of manipulations and precise movements of the instrument within small elements is comfortable.

Modular rechargeable battery
The TESA height gauges are supplied with a rechargeable battery easily accessible and quickly removable from the device.

Flexible support
In metrology, each need is different. The arm supporting the control panel allows an adaptable positioning to cover all the situations of use.

Clear interface
Reading information is facilitated through clearly defined areas. This allows the user to concentrate on the essential points of his measurement without having to decrypt the displayed results.

Intelligent user follow-up
During the whole using time, the height gauge shows automatically to the user the available options and gives step by step guides through the process. At the same time, a context-based function can be activated at any moment to access to specific information concerning the mode or the active process.

Advanced functions
As there are as many application cases as parts to measure, TESA developed a software that offers a range of possibilities to measure, going beyond the simple 1D function, like angle measurement, squareness deviation measurement or 2D measurement.

Customisable functions
With its integrated calculator, the control panel gives the possibility to perform calculations using directly the measuring results and to pre-configure calculation functions that will be automatically activated recalling a measuring program.

Program management
The height gauges of the range are not only developed to easily perform quick measurements, but they are also thought to simplify sequential measurement of parts of the same batch. Once the measuring sequence is carried out on the first spare part “for learning”, the user can repeat it infinitely following the information displayed on the screen.

Clear results
Each part has its own tolerances. The software has been created to allow inserting easily acceptance/reject limits in the most direct possible way. Once the part is measured, the user is explicitly informed about its state.


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