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All News / 2016 06 29 New Precizika Metrology Slogan




We are proud to unveil the new Precizika Metrology slogan, which defines the core values of the company and highlights our vision for the future. The two pillars of the slogan “Quality Focused | Customer Driven” are Quality and Customer. Since the beginning of our production over 50 years ago, the main focus has always been to make no compromises in terms of quality and provide only robust, high end products that are reliable and contain components that match or exceed the quality standards our customers expect and deserve. The fact that Precizika Metrology is a company that is driven by the ever-evolving customer expectations and demands is the foundation of a second cornerstone of our new slogan – the Customer. Harnessing the unique production technology that encompasses years of know-how, we are always striving to innovate, create new technological upgrades and advancements. This kind of flexibility and ability to change products and their specifications according to customer demands enables us to provide non-standard solutions to specific customer requirements, as we are always in open and honest communication with our business partners and potential customers. The new slogan combines both, the relationship side and the production side of business and accentuates the importance of synergy between the two to manufacture high quality products the customer requires