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Press Releases / 2016 02 25 Rotary and Linear Encoders Production



Precizika Metrology is a high accuracy and resolution rotary and linear encoders manufacturer from Lithuania. The whole family of produced encoders consists of 30 different series’, ranging from 28 millimeter diameter rotary encoders to 50 meter measuring length linear encoders. Products are known for their top-of-the-line quality, resolution and accuracy parameters. With over 50 years of experience in the field, R&D department is open and able to provide individual technical solutions for particular cases demanded by customers.


Rotary Encoders 

Rotary Encoders family is currently comprised of 19 distinct series’, that range from 28 millimeter diameter encoders up to 170 millimeter ones. Depending on particular models, encoders can have up to 3.600.000 pulses per revolution, up to 21 bit singleturn resolution and up to 40 bit multiturn resolution. High accuracy encoders provide accuracy of up to 2 arc.sec. Optional features include high IP class and stainless steel housing variation.


Linear Encoders

Precizika Metrology manufactured linear encoders have up to 50 m. measuring length and reach up to 0.1 µm resolution. Depending on desired specifications, linear encoders can have accuracy of up to 1 µm / measuring meter. The product range consists of photoelectric and magnetic linear encoders, which add up to 14 different series with particular sets of characteristics and features including high temperature resistance, flexible “0”position, easy installation to name a few.