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All News / 2016 02 01 Precizika Metrology - Encoder and Glass Scale Manufacturer

Precizika Metrology has a long history of old traditions in the leadership of design and production of metrological equipment. The Lithuanian company has been in the industry for over 50 years and with this heritage comes both pride and great responsibility to continuously move forward, improve and evolve in order to satisfy the ever-changing industry needs. A huge part of time spent in the industry was dedicated to working with top-of-the-line original equipment manufacturing (OEM) companies, listening to their feedback and providing innovative solutions to a variety of diverse conundrums.

As a company, Precizika Metrology is always looking ahead, constantly investing in new projects, future proof equipment and bright minds, but what sets the company apart from the others is the ability to take advantage of this accumulated know-how over the years, channel the experience and use it to gain competitive edge. This provides Precizika with the following key advantages:


Flexibility. Production is able to adapt to customer needs and provide specific mechanical adjustments requested.

High Quality Products. Harnessing the know-how of experienced and skilled employees, who have been working in the industry for a long period of time, Precizika Metrology is focused on manufacturing only top quality production.

Unique Glass Production Technology. Over many years of glass production, many technological adjustments and improvement have been made in order to stay at the top of glass production technology.

Individual Technical Solutions. Active Research & Development department is constantly working on new projects and is willing to take the extra mile to provide individual solutions on a case-by-case basis.

Open and Instant Communication.  One of the main focuses is building strong relationships  through visits, meetings or simple phone calls, providing the client with care, respect and honesty they expect and deserve.


The production is split into two major parts: Encoders and Glass Scale Gratings.



Encoder production consists of Rotary Encoders (a) and Linear Encoders (b).


a) b)


These are then segmented into particular product series that have their own distinct technical parameters and, obviously, a unique set of features. Currently, the product range exceeds 30 different series of encoders, ranging from 28 millimeter diameter rotary encoders to 50 meter measuring length linear encoders. The product catalog is diverse and contains high accuracy angular encoders (c), open type encoders (d), absolute encoders (e) to name a few.

c) d) e)


Glass Scale Gratings

Glass Scale Gratings are available in a variety of configurations. They are intended for applications where the user provides the scanning unit and the electronics to create a customized measuring or detection system. Glass gratings are available as linear scales up to 3400 mm length, as disco shaped scales with diameters of up to 200 mm, or in special geometric configurations.

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Precizika Metrology works with over 40 countries worldwide. The vast majority of production is exported outside of Lithuania, with over 99% of manufactured products being sold to other countries. The export is split into three regions:

  1. Americas + UK + Benelux. This region constitutes the majority of sales, which accounted to around 48% in 2015.
  2. Europe. Regional sales added up to 39% of total amount.
  3. Asia + Scandinavia. The region amounts to the smallest share of total sales, which is 13%, but it is constantly growing year-over-year.

This provided information is evident in the Export Map below: