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All News / 2016 02 25 New Product - The ROMER 77 Series Arm

Global metrology and manufacturing technology company Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has unveiled a new top-of-the-range addition to the ROMER Absolute Armportable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) range.

Intended to provide absolute accuracy in high-end 3D measurement applications, the new 77 Series arm offers:

- For probing applications it’s about 15% more accurate than the 75 model.

- For scanning applications it’s about 20% more accurate than the 75 model.


Available in five sizes from 2.5 m to 4.5 m measuring volumes, the 77 Series features all the proven technology of the ROMER Absolute Arm range enhanced to offer best possible accuracy while retaining the arm’s user-friendly nature.



Compatible with all Hexagon laser scanners: Available in 6- and 7-axis configurations:
- HP-L-20.8 external scanner - 6-axis models ideal for touch-probe measurement.
- HP-L-8.9 external scanner - 7-axis design suited for high-speed laser scanning.
- RS3 integrated scanner.  


3 visual differences, compared to the 75 and 73:

-Titanium finish handle and plastic covers;

-First arm with Hexagon MI branding;

-New pale grey box, with pale grey inserts


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