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Product News / 2015 06 11 Special SMA Offer for PC-DMIS Software


To meet the needs of our customers, we have created an attractive SMA (Software Maintenance Agreement) offer for PC-DMIS software

Until the end of June, the customers who have signed a three-year agreement with us to be provided SMA, for the entire period of the contract will receive: 

  • Special discount for PC-DMIS software version update. 
  • 33% discount on SMA extension for another 12 months.


Main Advantages of SMA:


UPDATES - the main goal of SMA is to provide our customers with the latest software version. You will have access to all the latest versions along with repair pads for 12 months.

ONE STANDARD - the latest version of software on all devices (measuring machines and arms, laser trackers) allows You to use one measurement program on multiple devices.

COMPLIANCE - new international measuring standard releases are constantly introduced to the latest version of PC-DMIS. The customer gains access to them after the update.

NEW FEATURES - each version update adds new features, that enhance woking and developing capabilities of PC-DMIS. 

MODIFICATION OF LICENSE - active SMA service is necessary for making changes to PC-DMIS software licensing (adding new modules, raising the license level, etc.).


We encourage You to contact us for a detailed quotation for Your company.

Offer valid until: 30/06/2015