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All News / 2015 03 25 Lean Implementation at Precizika Metrology

Here, at Precizika Metrology, we are constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities to improve and evolve in order to provide top of the line products and services. The latest project is the implementation of Lean system, also known as the Toyota Production System or TPS, into our production. 

Lean thinking focuses on optimizing the flow of products and services through entire value streams that flow horizontally across technologies, assets, and departments to customers.

The employees have already shown eagerness to embrace change and improvement, as the participation has been nothing short of amazing.

Representatives from different departments have engaged in gaining theoretical knowledge, as well as, applying new information in practical cases within the company.

Customer Benefits:

- Improved Customer Service. Optimization of processes will improve communication between departments, which will lead to more accurate, clearer dialogue with the customer. 

- Higher Quality. Increased attention to detail in each step of manufacturing will ensure top-notch quality.

- Minimized Production Errors. Additional quality check processes, new equipment and removal of unnecessary operations will minimize the errors made in manufacturing.

- On-Time Delivery. Through process optimization, planning and correctly managed resources, we will deliver what You ordered exactly when You wanted it.


We are already witnessing positive changes and we are sure that the implementation of Lean thinking into our organization will benefit You, the customer, because ultimatelly, it is the main reason we are constantly on a lookout for new ways to grow and meet the ever-changing customer demands and expectations.