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Company News / 2011 08 01 New General Manager

Dear Friends, Business Partners, Colleagues,

For personal reasons, since 2011. July 1st. I decided to withdraw from the position of CEO of Precizika Metrology, but will continue to participate in these activities of the company as a consultant for the CEO.

I will always remember with pleasure the personal meetings with you, a pleasant and beneficial cooperation between our companies. I sincerely thank You for that.

"Precizika Metrology" appointed Andrejus Saninas as a new CEO, who has previously worked as a manager of measuring systems department. He is an experienced professional, who has been working in the company for 10 years. I hope he will be a great manager of the company and continue to expand our business and cooperations between our companies.

I wish You luck personally and for the company.

Sincerely, Algimantas Marcelis Barakauskas