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All News / 2014 09 23 New Hexagon Metrology Trademark

"Precizika Metrology" is an official representative of Hexagon Metrology in Baltic states, so we want to inform You, that they have introduced a brand new corporate trademark, which was formed on the basis of company logo and brand building strategy. Updated brand more accurately reflects the company's Hexagon Metrology ties with the parent company HEXAGON (a leading global provider of design, measurement and visualization technologies) aspirations and collective actions.


As a part of efforts to change the brand, the company Hexagon Metrology repositioned their brand strategy and now the new brand will be used as a key element to highlight the existence of the company in metrology market and at the same time to remain in the company's other product brand basis.

An advertisement for almost 200 years of successful company's activities in the industrial metrology, the new brand emphasizes the company's technological leadership in supplying metrological equipment to very important global industries.