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Company News / 2013 02 01 Business and Science Partnership 2012

Business and science partnerships contest organized by the ministry of agriculture this year was won by "Precizika Metrology", for the development of linear measurement production technology and displacement measurement system. The project was carried out with the help of Kaunas University of Technology, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and Physics and Technology Science Center.

According to the general manager of "Precizika Metrology" Anrejus Šaninas, linear measurement production technology and displacement measuremet system is used for very accurate measurement of linear and angular displacement. Such precision is needed in technological equipment, for example, automatic metal and other material machining centers, measuring, nanotechnology and many other devices, that are high precision motion systems and their displacement needs to be measured. Thus, linear measurement scales have been developed ant put into use. They provide information on straight motion parameters like size of displacement, the position of a moving node and a straight motion error. 

The partnership of business and science proved to be absolutely essential for the project, as business profesionals alone lacked the knowledge in some areas of research and development of production technology and measurement systems. "We have no doubt that this project already has a significant impact on the development of Lithuanian metrological infrastructure, "- says the CEO of contest winner "Precizika Metrology."