Individualūs sprendimai

In addition to the standard product range, we offer custom solutions and adjustments according to customer specifications. We always encourage our clients to engage in a discusion about new projects, product updates and other changes that are needed and could greatly benefit the customer. Our R&D department is active and willing to go the extra mile to experiment and offer custom solutions to satisfy the ever changing needs of our clients. Below you can find some of the solutions that we offer:

- New product development
- Custom mechanical adjustments
- Flexible product design 
- Encoder upgrades
- Specification alterations


This ability to provide the customer with customized products is enabled by four main factors:
- Well educated and experienced staff 
- Unique Internally Developed Manufacturing Equipment
- Cooperation with Universities and Scientific Institutions
- Research and Development

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries or questions, you can always reach us through e-mail: