DRO komplektai


This section allows you to design your own DRO Kit according to your desired specifications, intended applications, measuring lengths needed and other relevant information. Please take a look below at how you can design a DRO Kit by selecting a digital readout unit and a linear encoder.



CS3000 Two and Three Axis Readout Device             CS5500 Advanced Two and Three Axis Readout Device
 Recommended for: Grinding, Lathes, Turning Machines   Recommended for: Milling, Drilling Applications
                                                                                             Number of axis: 2 axis or 3 axis
Technical Specifications                                                                    Technical Specifications



L18 Linear Encoder L35T Linear Encoder
Accuracy: ±10 µm/m
Signals: TTL (5V), 1Vpp, 11µApp
Resolution: 1.0 µm or 5.0 µm
Measuring Length: 70 - 2040 mm (1240-2040 with mandatory mounting spar) Measuring Length: 620 - 3240 mm
More information about L18 More information about L35T



Please click the link below and send us your enquiry stating what kind of DRO Kit interests you. We will get back to you immediately with any assistance you may need and with pricing for your selected DRO and Linear Encoder Kit.