Substrate material selected float glass, BK7 optical glass, quartz glass, ceramics, borosilicate, aluminium oxide and others.
Thickness of substrate 0,5 - 8 mm


- optical density

- reflection

- layer thickness

vacuum deposited chrome

1.5 - 3 (±5%) at 400-900 nm

< 63% at 400-900 nm

200÷2000 Å

Shape of reticle

plate, disc

Reticle processing

scribed and broken, laser cutting, grinding
Outbreaks on edges < 0.1 mm
Grinded, polished glass edges linearity 0.015 mm/m



Coating Aluminum, silica, chrome, anti-reflective chrome and others on request
Graduation line's width max. tolerance 10%
Max. graduation accuracy 2 arc. sec
Graduation coaxiality to outside diameter < 0.1 mm (DIN7184)


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