Linear Scales


Substrate material Selected float glass, BK7 optical glass, quartz glass, ceramics, borosilicate, aluminium oxide and others
Thickness of substrate 0.5 - 8 mm
Max. scale length 3400 mm
Max. measuring length 3360 mm
Proccessing Scribed and broken, laser cutting
Outbreaks on edges < 0.1 mm, edges linearity 0.1 mm/m
Grinded, polished glass Edges linearity up to 0.015 mm/m
Coating Alumininum, silica, chrome, anti-reflective chrome and others on request
Graduation line's width max. tolerance ±5%
Accuracy grades ±1; ±2; ±3 µm (L < 1m); ±2; ±3; ±5 µm (L < 3.4 m)
Graduation parallelism to glass edge < 0.1 mm/m
Shape of graduation line Rectangular if L > 400 mm; any if L < 400 mm
Max. available length of graduation line 32 mm
Variation of light transmission of incremental scale pattern ±3%





  • Incremental track;
  • Incremental track with fixed or variable pitch and track with reference mark;
  • Incremental and absolute tracks + reference mark and aphodisation.




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