The AP58 series is a set of programmable photoelectric rotary encoders that consists of AP58M, AP58B, AP58C, AP58C2, AP58C3, AP58D depending on required mounting parameters. Through the programming tool that constitutes of a USB cable and Windows compatible software, the user can set a desired pulse number per revolution from 1 to 65.536. Software is supplied free of charge and can be found on the official website of Precizika Metrology. It can be installed on any PC running a Windows operating system (Windows XP or later).


Mechanical Data

Pulse number per shaft revolution From 1 to 65536
Maximum shaft speed 12000 rpm
Maximum shaft load - axial: 10 N
- radial (at shaft end): 20 N
Accuracy (T1-period of lines on disc in arc. sec.): ±0.1T1 arc. sec
Starting torque at 20°C ≤ 0.01 Nm
Rotor moment of inertia < 15 gcm²
Protection (IEC 529) IP64
Maximum weight without cable 0.25 kg
Operating temperature -10...+70°C
Storage temperature -30...+80°C
Maximum humidity (non-condensing) 98%
Permissible vibration (55 to 2000 Hz) < 100 m/s²
Permissible shock (11 ms) < 1000 m/s²

Electrical Data



Supply voltage (U):

+5 V ±5%; +(10 to 30) V

Max. supply current (without load): 120 mA
Light source: LED
Incremental signals:

Differential square-wave U1/Ū1 and U2/Ū2. Signal levels at 20 mA load current:

- low (logic "0") < 0.5 V at Up =+5 V P
- low (logic "0") < 1.5 V at Up =10 to 30 V P
- high (logic "1") > 2.4 V at Up =+5 V P
- high (logic "1") > (Up -2) V at Up =10 to 30 V

Reference signal: One differential square-wave U0/Ū0 per revolution.
Direction of signals: U2 lags U1 for clockwise rotation (viewed from shaft side)
Maximum rise and fall time: < 0.5 μs
Maximum operating frequency (depends on pulse number per revolution) < 2 MHz
Standard cable length 1 m, without connector
Maximum cable length: 25 m



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